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Tender Care Products, Inc.

Providing Comfort & Dignity for Life!

Bed Rail Pads

TCP Attach-It Bed Rail Pads aren't like the others you may have tried before. TCP bed rail pads attach directly to the bedrails with standard metal snap and D-ring closures or with Velcro straps. Need a strapless bedrail pad than order TCP Envelope style pads. TCP bed rail pads not only provide comfort and safety for your patients but they also provide convenience, time saving and safer transfers for caregivers. All bed rail pads are 15"H and 3/4" thick and available in four lengths: 36", 43", 62" and 70".

Bed GuardiansTM & Bed GuardsTM

TCP Bed Guardians protect patients and their caregivers. The Guardians surround the head and sides of a bed to prevent accidental entrapment and skin injuries. The Guardians fill the gap between the mattress, the bed and its side rails to protect patients from a well-documented danger.

TCP Bed Guards not only protect patients but they also protect the staff from accidental impact with bed rails. The Guards cover the gap between the mattress and its bed frame to eliminated a well-documented danger. Use these products to help comply with JCAHO's recommendations published in Hospital Bed Safety Guidelines, April, 2003.